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Monday, January 23, 2012

The White Whale

Me:  The republican debate is on, did you TiVo?
Amanda: Why are they still debating? Why don't they just pick someone already?
Me: They want to make sure whomever they pick doesn't have an "October Surprise."
Amanda: What does that even mean?
Me: Ask Mitt Romney.

Of the 3 candidates remaining for the right-winged, corporatist, and most of all, FAKE, Republican Party. Which one will burp up the best, "October Surprise?"

I'd venture to say Obama's got a surprise for all three of em come October, but Newty-Newt would be fun television.
Oh, who am I kidding. Any of them will.
I think the weakest candidate is the one they are attacking the least.
Today, that person is Ron Paul. Who for some reason, has his clammy grip on many of my friends minds; they are mesmerized by an idealistic dream of Utopia circa "Logan's Run."

I Tell U What...
Wouldn't Romney be the Republican sweetheart if he wasn't a Mormon? Unfortunately for Romney,
he is...

That leaves Newty-Newt.
The Jabba the Hut of Washington.
The reason it's called a "Beltway."
He's the Rush Limbaugh-type bully they're looking for.
His words are already throwing chum in the waters, the sharks are thirsty for their blood, yes blood,
the 2012 republican party is on a quest to land the White Whale.

I think Republicans think that if they're gonna lose anyway in 2012, they might as well watch an asshole like Gingrich come in and insult Obama, insult the Democrats/Progressives, and put the middle-class back in their place while he's at it.
We're already hearing the rhetoric:

"if invited to speak to the NAACP, I would urge black people to demand paychecks instead of food stamps."

"Obama is the "Food Stamp President."
 Newt paused to take time to toy with Juan Williams, the Fox commentator who last Monday -- in the pivotal moment of the campaign in S.C. -- had questioned whether Gingrich was seeking to "belittle people" by talking about the "food stamp president" and by suggesting that urban youths do janitorial work in schools.

Gingrich's sneering, "Well ... Juan," reply in that debate brought the crowd to its feet and launched him toward the lead. In Orangeburg, he went further. Kids need to learn the virtues of work at a young age, the former speaker declared. Williams, Gingrich said, his voice dripping with condescension, thought that the "idea of work" was something "worthy of academic study, not something to inflict on young people."

The crowd howled with laughter. Gingrich did not mention that Williams is black. He did not have to. But the point was not that Newt targeted a black man. It was subtler than that. It was that he was not afraid to do so.

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