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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Good To Be Gone- TexASS

If you wondered where I've been, I thank you for your concern and appreciation of this site. I thank you for your appreciation of me, because I really "pour" myself into this site. Writing a blog, even an itty bitty one, is a tedious task. It requires some level of skill and commitment. I'm not sure how much...
I've always said, if your willing to write a blog, you should be committed...

With that, we had an election, the American people have spoken. A successful leader was given a second term, and this time with a mandate. The question is: Will the opposition listen and learn? Will the Tea Cungriss go away and in doing so, revive the Republican party from it's lobotomized state?

Methinks the whole lot of em are out of work in 2014.

Except in TexASS...

In Texass, we don't hear the will of the American people.
We're too busy stuffing our ears with cow manure.

So I took a break from blogging after the election of 2012.
Obama won big.
I like to think I helped.

It was good to be gone...

Now I'm back, and so far 2013 has been better than ALL of 2012.
I hope that continues and I believe it will.
I believe in me.
This year I'm  focusing on the place I call home.

 (aka Dumbfuckistan)

When are we going to eat at the grown-ups table?