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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Democrats Fall In Love- Republicans Fall In Line

As a liberal-progressive living in the "Lone Star State," I've seen and heard it all.

In fact, I don't believe anything I hear anymore and half of what I see...

Living in and amongst the right wing population of Texas can surely be a dubious task for someone like me.
Progressives in Texas must learn to adapt to their surroundings if they want to get "along."
The natives (even the rich ones) are a provincial lot, young and old, who send their kids off to high-priced universities so they can learn what not-to-do and how to roll a joint.
Then they come back home,,, go to church,,, and get unlearned...

There's no way to aptly describe the progressives, or the screwheads lot in this state until you've walked a mile in their hazmat suites....

every now and then, a hypocrisy comes along in the Texas republican party that's worthy of mention. Some kind of despicable, stupid gesture on the entire party's part that usually has been stewing for years in the soupy waters of Austin, or D.C., or Lubbock... You know what I'm talking about...Something so asinine, it could only be supported by partisan hate, elitism, and bigotry.
No it's not George Bush.
This year, it's Rick Perry...

I can't help but wonder...
How does a Texas (republican) voter support a candidate for so many long years, then have a change of heart about said candidate in one debate in a presidential primary? 
After 16 agonizing years, you're telling me that you're going to join Rick Perry on Facebook?
Get behind him as your governor for over a decade and support him as a candidate in a presidential primary?
Go about town with a straight face and tell everyone that he looks better than Obama?
Are you telling me you never vetted the man before you went to the election booth all those years?
Have you even ever heard the man speak? Methinks not!


Whats that you say?
You like Chris Christie instead?...
Of course you do...(Is he even running yet?)

Why the sudden change of heart?
Is it because you just saw something that struck you as odd about Perry???
Suddenly, without warning, you think the guy is weird???
Maybe not so presidential???
Maybe not even Goobernatorial

Do you think you may want to reevaluate your whole political stance?
Is it possible that your whole socioeconomic outlook is eschewed? I don't know, it may be.

I mean seriously, does it take an entire state of voters 16 years to learn what's good for you and yours?
I tell u what: the older I get, I know that nothings shocking when it comes to political hypocrisy, the hate of the Texas tea party and the extremism of Texas right.


But tonight I'm not gonna slam Texans or Governor Mofo.
No I'm not...
I'll let y'all go pee in your yards and leave you with this...

Daryn John Moran, Omaha, Nebraska, Sept. 26th.

While Daryn may not be from Texas, his ideas most certainly are...

It's true what they say: Democrats fall in love - Republicans fall in line...

My facebook comment on Jeb Hensarlings wall...Jeb Hensarling
Last few days before our important 9/30 FEC filing. If you can help our campaign at this critical time, please go to to contribute. Your support means so much to me in our fight for faith, family, free enterprise, and freedom.
US Congressman Jeb Hensarling, Texas District 5
Mr. Hensarling, as one of your many constituents, I urge you to work in a bi-partisan fashion for the people of district 5 and the entire country. It's time that Washington accomplished something other than filibusters, obstructionism and government shut downs. It's time to stand up for those who're hurting the most and work on compromising with the other side. I respectfully welcome your ideas and you do the same with mine. Times change and we must be ready for the rapid growth of our nation. The people deserve some progress.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekly Wrangle

The Texas Progressive Alliance thinks Alec Baldwin's hair does a pretty decent impersonation of our governor as it brings you this week's roundup.

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Amy Price, the progressive running for Houston's city council at large #4 seat, had a great week of news coverage. PDiddie at Brains and Eggs collected the stories, audio, and video.

WCNews at Eye On Williamson shows how state Sen. Steve Ogden's retirement announcement this week has shaken up the county's politics: The changing election landscape in Williamson County, creating opportunities.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme notes that Rick Perry is having a bad week. Boo hoo.

This week on Left of College Station Teddy asks how do you support reproductive rights? LoCS focuses on reproductive rights all this week as the anti-choice '40 Days for Life' protest begins

At McBlogger, we take a sniff around LCRA's decision to privatize some of their assets and don't like the smell.

Neil at Texas Liberal noted a new phone app that will show the amount of forced labor used in many of the everyday things that we buy.

Libby Shaw over at TexasKaos brings us up to date on Rick Perry's limelight moment. Called upon to demonstrate his cool under fire before a national audience at the last Republican debate, he showed his true mettle. He melted down. See all the details here: Rick Perry Bombs Presidential Debate.

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