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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The NRA is sending gun sales to an all time high.
AR-15's are flying off the shelves everywhere in the US, robocalls to Sandy Hook parents are being sent out, urging them to stand up to gun rights.

That's particularly sickening, isn't it?

Some residents of the Connecticut community devastated by December's school shooting said they're outraged over robocalls they've received from the National Rifle Association only three months after a gunman killed 20 first-graders and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
Newtown residents said the automated calls from the NRA began last week and urge people to tell their state legislators to oppose gun control proposals. Some also said they received postcards from the NRA supporting gun owners' rights.
"It's ridiculous and insensitive," Newtown resident Dan O'Donnell told Hartford-area NBC affiliate WVIT-TV, one of several media organizations to report about the robocalls. "I can't believe an organization would be so focused on the rights of gun owners with no consideration for the losses this town suffered."
 20 babies cut down with an assault rifle -which no person has a right to own- and torn to shreds.

Bloodthirsty Americans answer the call by rushing out to purchase the murderer's weapon.

The NRA does nothing, except begin to transform itself from a proud American Institution  -the one that your grandpa would be a member of- to a band of bureaucratic, domestic terrorists.

Meanwhile, folks in Texas continue to shoot one another, or themselves DAILY.

It's enough to make one yearn for the good ol' days of layin' around on grandpa's couch and watchin' live episodes of "Hee Haw."

Jim Carrey as Lonesome Earl with his band in "Cold Dead Hand," released Monday via "Funny or Die." (Screenshot from "Funny or Die")
Jim Carrey as Lonesome Earl with his band in “Cold Dead Hand,” released Monday via “Funny or Die.” (Screenshot from “Funny or Die”)

You know those days???
The days of a kinder, gentler, redneck...
The redneck that sang songs and got lost in a hoedown jig of his own creation.
Not the redneck of today. NO SIR!
Whose bloodlust hath grown, and penis has shrunketh.
What used to be smart folks, now have become believers in "Gun Therapy."
They seem to turn to guns as a solution for everything.
Every problem solved with a gun.
From what I can tell from reading the newspaper, it no worky.

I do know we could all use a laugh.
So let's check out this piece from Jim Carey and the good people at Funny Or Die.


Jim Carey has never been one of my favorites, but he has his moments...

This is such a moment.