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Thursday, January 24, 2013

10 Things To Think About This Week

1. It's 80 degrees in Dallas. TX on January 24th. Good thing Global Warming is a hoax or I'd be a tad bit concerned...

2. The Catholic Church made news declaring that a fetus is "not a human being."
No shit, assholes.

3. Rand, Ron and every other Paul must put on their dark Nike sneakers, climb into their bunk beds, and blast off to the mother ship.

4. Week 3 and The Texas Legislature is still busy shaking hands, swearing in, attending cocktail hours, and figuring out just what exactly the procedure is for making laws. I don't think anybody down there really knows.

5. The victims of super storm Sandy had to wait 70 days for the Tea Congress to pass funding for financial aid. Apparently the devastation and suffering was seen as 'PORK' by house repugs like Jeb Hensnarling. These are the lunatics representing Texas to the rest of the country.

6. 1300 Americans have been killed by gun violence since the New Town tragedy happened in December. Texas responds appropriately...NOT!

Governor Oops is ready to shoot him some more coyotes!

7.  An ultra-conservative friend of mine admitted to me this week that "he kinda liked Obama..."
Well what true conservative wouldn't? Obama's 'model' of governing is EXACTLY the conservative 'model' of smaller government, lower taxes, and strong military. Don't forget 'Fiscal Responsibility'...

8. If you have a gnat buzzing in your ear, swat it! Don't let lunatics-- some you don't even know-- talk smack on YOUR Facebook wall.  I tell u what: The unfriend button is just a mouse-click away. USE IT!

9.  In Texas, half the children live below the poverty line. Yet our 'betters' in Austin have passed funding for TXDOT,  Toll Roads to nowhere, and countless other Urban Sprawl projects.
I mean come on, say what you want about Texas, our roads are cherry good because that's where the money goes. To "The Road Barons".

Food, medicine, and a decent education for Texas kids however, not so much...
In fact, the legislature is too busy fighting for English to be the official language of the state, and other types of teabagger nonsense, instead of focusing on Texas' real problems.
This is where your tax dollars are going, folks. To a bunch of tea party knuckle-heads who's asses are jealous of the shit that's coming out of their mouths. Their wallets however, are fine.
They're working overtime to ensure that.

10.  If a panel of screw heads wants to drill Hillary Clinton about her job, I say BRING IT!
If you're outraged about the Ben Ghazi attacks and any so-called, 'misinformation', then I have 6 words for you:


Dr. J out-

Monday, January 21, 2013

MLK and Inauguration Day Wrangle

The Texas Progressive Alliance wishes President Obama all the best at the start of his second term as it brings you this week's roundup.

Off the Kuff looks at the January finance reports for SD06 candidates.

Out of fairness alone, the areas that had to sacrifice during the bad times should be taken care of first, once good times return. But as WCNews at Eye on Williamson points out, that's unlikely to change without a lot of public pressure: The budget, fear, and ideology.  

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme wants you to know that Blake Farenthold and his fellow Congressional Republicans voted against hurricane Sandy relief. Do hurricanes or tornadoes ever hit Texas? Too bad for us.

The Asshats on Parade, sponsored by PDiddie's Brains and Eggs, included Lance Armstrong, Dick Cheney, Manti Te'o, and Ed Emmett.  

BossKitty at TruthHugger almost decided to skip writing an article this week, but the number of exploiters in high places is just too overwhelming: America’s Disappointing Role Models.

Secession fun for everyone this week at McBlogger!

Neil at Texas Liberal posted his 6th annual updated Martin Luther King Reading & Reference List. It is the best such resource on the web. 

*A special note of thanks to my blogging mentor, PDiddy. Without his blog, Brains And Eggs, this and many other posts, thoughts and pictures would not be possible. I THANK YOU AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!*