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Friday, October 4, 2013

Say It With Me

Breaking it down for my friends who have temporarily lost their minds this week:

You. Do. Not. Have. The. Votes.

You don't have the votes.

I'll ignore all the misinformation I see and cut to the meat of the thing: You can hate this law all you want, but you do not have the votes to overturn it or alter it. Blame your Founding Fathers for saddling you with this horribly mean form of government where if -- say it with me -- you do not have the votes, you cannot get this thing you so badly want.

We had an election a year ago. The American people gave Republicans the House majority and the Democrats the Senate majority and the White House. They have spoken.

You do not have the votes. Too bad, so sad, you do not have the votes. I'll say it again, because it just doesn't get through the first time:

You Do Not Have The Votes.

The compromise the Republicans keep caterwauling about is on the table. It's the continuing resolution at sequester-level spending. You do have the votes for that. If Boehner brought that up, it would (probably) pass the House, it would definitely pass the Senate, and it would most assuredly be signed by the president.

But this thing you keep asking for, I'm sorry, but ... wait for it ... you do not have the votes.

Anyway, that's all I have to say about that.

Except this: You do not have the votes.