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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nothing's Rusty About This Taco


Great News Dallasites!
There's a place in the city to get authentic Mexican street tacos, and you don't have to drive to Oak Cliff to get them.
I'm talkin' bout Rusty Taco on Greenville Ave.
Having developed a taste for street food in Mexico, I've had my share of this stuff and I can tell you that their orange habenero sauce is as good as you'll find anywhere.
Great selections here, but I'm partial to the beef fajita and slow cooked pork.
The veggie and chicken are tasty, healthy alternatives, but the fish tacos are sinful.
Delicious sauces and an amazing patio when the weather is nice.
Don't be tardy for this taco...

Check Out Who's Gilligan

Nuff said.


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