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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mid-Week Funnies

Because there will be too many by the time we get to Sunday.

Starring Bain as Bane. (What's the difference?)

Rush Limbaugh naturally observed the batty coincidence/conspiracy, and Rachel Maddow promptly mocked him right the fuck out about it. 
...Maddow contended that, sure, the villains in Batman were “pre-named decades in advance in anticipation of a 2012 presidential election in which one of the candidates would have a contested affiliation with a company named Bain.” The conspiracy is “deep” and has “a lot foresight,” she ridiculed, adding that, in that case, Gone With the Wind was an “early salvo of the clean energy movement.” [...] “The modern American Right is hermetically sealed in a media universe that lets in no natural light and no air,” she said. “They breathe in only their own exhalations.” And in that bubble, she asserted, they especially have an affinity for conspiracy theories.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

10 Things This Week

1. Rick Perry can say he's going to refuse Obamacare all he wants, the fact is, Texas will be accepting it. The lawmakers in Austin desperately need it, despite their opposition. We live in the 2nd most populated state. Think about that a second...

2. The NCAA has yet to inflict one fine, one suspension, cancel one practice, cancel one football game, strip one bowl game, or suspend one season of recruiting for Penn State.

What's wrong with this picture?

3. A North Texas Dentist is building a water park in his back yard that's bigger than Celine Dions' water park in Florida. The Texas Attorney General says it's funded 100% by Medicaid fraud. The Dentist has been manipulating the system and putting braces on kids that don't need them for years, and the taxpayers of Texas are now funding his dream home.  He will probably get away with it.

4. The weather in the DFW area has been exceptional: with lower temps, sudden fronts, and billowing clouds. It's clear, Mother Nature is being kind to us this year.

5. Only 30% of Americans own a passport. 60% of those use them for trips to Mexico and Canada only.

6. Justice Roberts restored my faith in humanity. The 33rd vote to repeal Obamacare, in spite of the SCOTUS ruling, continues to test my faith...

7. The president is far from perfect as he struggles to create jobs at a time in history where the money powers of the land are against Americas' financial success. His best strategy for reelection?
Mitt Romney.

8. Listening to Rick Perry speak about abolishing Medicare makes me ill. If it weren't for Medicare and Medicaid, my family would be in a world of hurt right now. I don't see how we could have made it through without some kind of program in place.  Texas families are suffering under the yoke of this man.

9. If you're going to troll the Internet/my Facebook page to pick a fight, or bully me because I'm liberal, then you better be prepared to take some back from this Yella Dawg.
Cuz Mister, I give as good as I get...

10. I've heard rumblings of a Occupy Mexico City movement that's been a long time in the making. The Mexican people are proud, educated and have a work ethic like no other. They deserve better than what they've had with regards to their basic safety.
I predict big things in the near future for Mexico.

Sunday Funnies

"Mitt Romney told the crowd at an NAACP conference that if he were elected president he would fight for all millionaires, black or white." –Jay Leno 

"In Mexico, the loser of their presidential election is accusing the winner of election fraud. He says the winner bought millions of votes. To which Mitt Romney said, 'You can do that?'" –Jay Leno 
"Mitt Romney gave a speech at the annual NAACP conference in Houston. Why, I don't know. Maybe he confused NAACP with NASCAR." –Jimmy Kimmel 
"The event got off to a bad start when Romney pulled up in front of the convention center and he instinctively locked the doors to his limo." –Jimmy Kimmel
(click for bigger)
"Romney isn't very popular among African-American voters. In fact, diabetes is more popular among African-American voters than Mitt Romney." –Jimmy Kimmel