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Friday, October 7, 2011

Big Tex: A Corny Dog Pilgrimage

It's Fall in Texas.
The natives are restless for some outdoor fun with a cool breeze and an even cooler beverage.
We've suffered the hard summer months and we're ready get out of the air conditioning and breathe the fresh Co2 again.
This is State Fair weather.
Time to load up the family and get to Fair Park.

My family has been attending the State Fair for 5 generations. We like to head over to the Fletcher's tent first thing. There you will find many of our fellow Texans wolfing down a Corny Dog (corn-battered, deep-fried, hot dog on a stick).
A State Fair creation. For me a tradition.

It's really not just another corny dog that we're talking about here. These are different. These deep-fried treats have folks paralyzed to a near orgasmic pleasure. They're all huddled around the mustard/ketchup dispensers and attacking their snack with fervor. Some with the fervor of Michele Bachmann, perhaps...

Worlds oldest running Chevy, 1913. Today's Chevy gets worse MPG.
Once satisfied, we moved into the new car exhibition hall. Here you'll get a chance to peruse the newest cars/trucks of today inside and out. Check the sticker prices and fuel efficiencies of the top vehicles, all the while avoiding the piranha-like salesmen. It's really cool. No really. They keep it cool in there.

After seeing all that good car stuff, there's updated rides/games for young and old on the midway. The staff is well dressed and friendly. There's also the magnificent food pavilion with tastes from around the world, a turkey-leg tent, fried everything, Red River Classic, draft beer, a petting zoo/livestock arena and more.
Mucho to do, but you'll just keep dreaming of those corny dogs...

I tell u what: There's plenty of food, fun, and exhibition to be found in Fair Park each and every year, but I go for the people.
The crowds this year were the best I've seen in a while. (Recession?)
The folks working the Fair sure appreciate our support... (Jobs?)
I invite my fellow Texans who live outside of the DFW Metroplex to keep in mind it's called the STATE Fair of Texas. (State Pride?)
So all of you are permitted entry if you're so inclined. Come see us in Dallas this Fall.
Join the Corny Dog Pilgrimage.

--Doctor J

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Weekly Wrangle

The Texas Progressive Alliance calls your attention to a week full of progressive activism throughout the state, from "Move to Amend" events to "Occupy" demonstrations as it brings you this week's roundup.

Off the Kuff notes that the federal court in San Antonio has issued an injunction preventing the state from implementing its new redistricting maps, and that until preclearance is granted it will draw its own maps to use for next year.

CitizenAndy has joined the dark side with his new blog Darth Politico. He'd appreciate if you checked out the new site, liked Darth Politico on Facebook, and subscribed to his feed. He's especially proud to have The Ghost of Sam Houston blogging at his site.

Letters From Texas explains why conservative pundits' Perry problems perpetually persist. Perfect.

WCNews at Eye On Williamson points out that while Governor Perry and the Texas GOP think all is well with the Texas economy that's far from reality: 2012 revenue estimate for Texas will be “Flattish", dedicated funds trickery.

The "Move to Amend" Texas tour -- the effort to repeal the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision by constitutional amendment -- has stops scheduled in Bryan-College Station, Houston, San Antonio, Bastrop, Austin, and Corpus this week. PDiddie at Brains and Eggs has the details.

Over at TexasKaos, Liberal Texan has his say about Texas' latest assault on women: Family Unplanned: Texas Cuts Funding for Women's Reproductive Health Care. Check it out.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme tries on crazy shoes and rates the main GOP presidential candidates.

Bay Area Houston shows why Perry is weak and wrong on immigration.

Neil at Texas Liberal commented on welding and on the different ways that things are brought together based on a picture he took at the Houston Ship Channel.

McBlogger was a little surprised to learn from Rick Perry that Warren Buffett is clueless about the private sector.