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Thursday, April 12, 2012

10 Things This Week

1. Had my first blog entry "crash and burn" experience. Of course I thought it was backed up--thanks a pantload blogger--and it was a work of art. One of my best, lost, but not forgotten... Don't worry, The War On Republican Women is coming to a computer screen near you...

2. Rick "Frothy" Santorum pulls out. If only his father had done the same...

3. For a struggling economy, there's no shortage of patrons at North Texas' high-end steakhouses... And I mean their dinning rooms are full 7 days a week, all night long.

4. Trayvon Martin's family gets some peace of mind as an arrest and charges are finally made against Zimmerman, a gun toting neighborhood watch guy with a chip on his shoulder who shot their son in cold blood. Celebrities like Bill Cosby and Bill Maher blame Florida Democrats for being soft on the states' gun laws. They have a point.

5. The Reverend Al Sharpton is cool.

6. The DFW metroplex is recovering from 17 tornadoes that swept through the city in one afternoon last week. The city of Arlington had more touchdowns that day, than they had all of last year...

7. The State of Texas is being sued by Planned Parenthood. Once again the federal courts will slap Texas on the hand for it's political games with children's education and women's health. This is starting to be cliche. When will Texas voters take action?

8. The national average for the discrepancy in women's salaries compared to men is 23%. In the Obama administration the average is 17%. This is actually an improvement and shows progress, albeit slow.

9. "I Blame Obama." Seems to be the best thing to say if your at a dinner party with Texans. I like to have fun with it and with them. Blame him for anything and everything. I gotta admit, it made me feel better.

10. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekly Wrangle

The Texas Progressive Alliance is still looking for a few of the eggs the children did not find as it brings you this week's blog roundup.

Want to know where your preferred legislative candidates stand on the important issue of beer freedom in Texas? Off the Kuff tells you how you can find out.  

TruthHugger is disgusted with the candidate for the most corrupt Texas Governor list: Rick Perry Fairy Tales For Money Must Go, and that is a long list.  

BlueBloggin sympathizes with voting Texans who cannot believe their governor is saying oops... Rick Perry Makes Texas Look Stupid, Again.

Libby Shaw reports that our lying Repug leaders continue to do what they do best -- mislead the low information voter with their straight up lies. Check it out at TexasKaos -- Lt. Governor Dewhurst Earns F- in Math, A+ in Pants on Fire.

The Democratic primary for CD-7 is getting a little bitter. PDiddie at Brains and Eggs reprinted an e-mail he received about James Cargas' seedy oil and gas connections, and got a vitriolic defense in response from Hector Carreno of the Cargas campaign.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme notes that the Republicans are getting a twofer: killing higher education and shifting tax burdens to students.  

WCNews at Eye On Williamson shows that the "Texas Model" isn't all it's cracked up to be: low wages, poverty, wrecked safety net, crumbling infrastructure, while the rich prosper.

Without forgetting that the Texas forced sonogram is state-mandated rape, Neil at Texas Liberal posted on competing shorelines in Galveston. There is so much to see in everyday life. (Neil will soon be posting again to remind us that the Texas forced sonogram law is state-mandated rape)

Easter Funnies

The Supreme Court says corporations are people. The Supreme Court also says that people can be strip-searched for any reason whatsoever. Therefore, corporations can now be strip-searched for any reason whatsoever. Let's start with…*Snaps on latex glove*…oh, how 'bout Koch Industries. -- "Bill in Portland Maine"