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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Catchup Funnies


Ten Things This Week


It's been a wild couple of weeks for me...
Put my Dad in the hands of Hospice as he suffers with Metastatic Melanoma.
Been busy taking care of his effects, banking, and all the necessary business that an Only Son takes care of in times like these.  Every step has been a hurdle...
Anyway, that explains my absence in the blogosphere, oh, and I had a birthday...

Here's ten observations for ya:

1. Dallas has the most corrupt city government in the country. Whether it's the schools, the cops, the DA, the city council, whatever... Dallas hides taxpayer money like none other... Here's the latest debacle.

2. Del Frisco's is good, but Perry's Steakhouse in Austin is the shiznit. IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN THERE AND YOU LIVE IN AUSTIN, FOR SHAME, SHAME ON YOU!

3. Early voting totals for DFW are down compared to '08. It's always fascinated me how many of us DON'T VOTE. Less than 100,000 people early-voted, in a city of 3 million people, that is a goddamn joke.

4. If you have a home or a condo, go ahead and spend some money to fix it up and enjoy it!  Hell, you may even find a tax break if you do... Radiant barriers and Surge protectors are just a couple of ways you can improve your quality of life and lower your bills.

5. Mitt Romney is a Mormon.

6. When dealing with an unstable hospice, you do have the right to fire them and transfer to another hospice. It felt good to fire VITAS hospice in Dallas this week. They didn't listen to me, communicate with my family, or execute documentation properly. You know, basically they failed to do their job.

7. Mitt Romney is a big, BIG Mormon.

8. I received season tickets to the Dallas Theatre Center for a birthday present. I can think of no better gift for a guy like me; I encourage all Texans to check out their local professional, collegiate, and HS productions. There's some amazing talent right here in our little state.

9. The OMB released a new chart showing spending for every president since Reagan. Guess who's bar was the shortest? The black guy.

10.  Mitt Romney is to Mormons, what Donna Summer is to Disco.