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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Disciples of Hyposcrisy: Rick Perry

Thou shalt not kill (except atheists, jews, gays, and democrats)
 Once he's elected, then the real bloodletting of the people can begin.

I fear this as a real threat, because unlike the other godless bunch of lunatics in the republican field, Perry can win.

Today, in typical political fashion, Rick Perry announces his run for the White House.
I couldn't help but think of a 1981 movie starring Sam Neil.

"This is what I'm supposed to be doing" - Rick Perry

Perry has made his living chastising the president and the federal government for doing the very same things he's doing...
Whether it's criticizing Obama and Washington for the Stimulus, then accepting 28 Billion dollars in federal funds to help keep Texas' schools open and infrastructure maintained.
Or living in a taxpayer funded mansion for $10,000 a month.
Or the statistics of his home state under his reign. Can you say shortfall?

I could go on all day as there's no end to this guys bullshit...

So here's something you should know about that Christian Right bunch. They don't believe in government, and argue that it is the duty of the church to take care of the poor, sick, and needy. This is an argument I see every single day, without fail. And as someone familiar with such matters, I'll go one step farther and say that the minimum amount expected to be given from believers is 10% of their income, which is why this post has the title it has.
ABC News:
The Perry family's income tax return shows Perry gave $90 to his church in 2007, a year in which he reported an income of more than $1 million, the San Antonio Express-News reported in Sunday's edition. Tax records from 2000, when Perry became governor, through 2009 show he earned $2.68 million and gave $14,243 to churches and religious organizations, about a half percent, the newspaper reported.
Perry reported no religious contributions in 2000 and 2009, according to his tax records.
Americans averaged giving nearly 1.2 percent of their income to churches and religious groups in 2004-08, according to the Illinois-based research firm Empty Tomb Inc., which tracks church-giving trends.
See, it's not enough to just pound your chest in the public square and call for national prayer, and blame economic problems on God paying us back for our wanton ways. You're supposed to actually live what you preach, and one way you live it is by giving it.
Rick Perry, you're exposed as the guy who talks a lot but doesn't live it. I expect this series to continue as the campaign unfolds.
Oh yeah, then there's this:

 And he threw such a tantrum when Obama won, he actually talked about Texas seceding from the union, because that's what America needs; a President of the United States who's not really sold on the whole "United States" concept. -Bill Maher



Monday, August 8, 2011

Intoxicating Apes

                 Caeser begins to realize he's got a box-office smash on his paws...

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a story about humanity.
Unlike most films today, it's well written, acted and directed.
I wrestled with the fact that I became so enthralled with a protagonist who was a computer generated ape (and you will too...).
As a youth, I was a huge fan of the Apes. I did follow the movies with Charlton Heston and I've revisited the story many times throughout the years. When Tim Burton put his "damn dirty paws" on it with a remake starring Mark Walberg, I was less than impressed... Make no mistake, this Ape Film is very, very different...
The story's lead character, Caesar,  transforms before your eyes into intelligent, thoughtful creature. At the same time we see a Father/Son try to do the right thing in an environment that shows the darker side of a greed-filled human condition. Without giving too much away, John Lithgow steals the show as James Franco's Father who's struggling with Alzheimer's. I'll just say go see for yourself. Lots going on here...

The Weekly Wrangle

The Response blew into Houston, raised the temperature a few more insufferable degrees, and left quickly without spending any money or delivering any rain. The Texas Progressive Alliance, meanwhile, is praying for a cool snap and drought relief as it brings you this week's roundup.

There's still redistricting going on, as Harris County tries to redraw its county commissioners' precincts. So far, the main thing they've done is attract a lawsuit from Latinos who say they have retrogressed the one Latino opportunity district. Off the Kuff has the scoop.

The Response had better than expected attendance, a very diverse crowd, and the event's sponsors made a sincere effort to have the event be all about one man (not the governor of Texas). Having praised it, PDiddie at Brains and Eggs then proceeded to rip it. Wide open.

Our economy is in bad shape and is unlikely to get better any time soon. WCNews at Eye On Williamson tells us the reason why: The politics of the economy are upside down.

Prior to The Response, Letters From Texas predicted the response to the response to The Response.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme is disgusted with the republican campaign to destroy the middle class, kick the poor to kingdom come and abandon the elderly.

This week Left of College Station began Rick Perry's Texas project, telling the truth about the governor's record in Texas. From Perry's scores on climate change to the fact that the Texas economic miracle was really a stimulus miracle.

Lightseeker offers his take on Why Democrats Lose Texas Elections. Hint: It's NOT because we are too Liberal! See the whole analysis at TexasKaos.

This week at McBlogger, Harry offers forth from the Book of Balczak his take on Prayerapalooza.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dallas Cowboys Report-Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.

Being a Cowboys fan all my life, born and breed in the DFW area,
I've seen the success and struggles of my beloved team. I'm a harsh critic because I can be. I'm quite sure I've earned it.
Every year I like to make some predictions on how the team will fare.
Last year I said this:

The Cowboys are poorly coached by a Poo Bear who's too soft for football and should be replaced immediately(he was fired 8 games later).

The Cowboys will show how undisciplined they are by folding and loosing most of their games early in the season.(they did)

There are three players whom you'll never be able to count on to finish a season: Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, Felix Jones.  (two of the three were out significant time)

What once was the premiere place for Special Teams has now become a tower of jello due to mismanagement, poor drafting and a lack of "Want-to." (again with the coaching)

Whens the last time you saw the Cowboys hit someone in the mouth and said, boy, they just kicked that teams ass? (1995 for me).

Cowboys finish 6-10 (they did)

Now this years predictions:

I like Jason Garrett. He will be an effective coach and many will take notice of his ability to lead.

Tony Romo is not the answer, We must find a QB for the future. (when you see Kitna enter this season,  it's time for Romo to go away for good)

When you hire a Ryan, you get a Ryan and all that entails... Expect punches being thrown on the sidelines and childish, crude, bullying remarks.

Felix Jones is not the answer, a new running back must emerge or be brought in. (Too injury prone).

Dez Bryant will not play an entire season his whole NFL career. (Too injury prone, lacks focus and most likely to be incarcerated).

Cowboys could surprise some, but finish 7-9. Jerry must take note of the Rangers and Mavericks keys to success from an ownership perspective and I hope the fans hit him right in his wallet to make him do so.

This team is in trouble, y'all.
I say we give Garrett a few years to turn it around, but he's gonna have to clean house and lead from the front office. Do you really think the team we have now, goes into practice today, and says, "We Can Win It All?"
Methinks not.
It's enough to drive you to drink...
Cowboys finish 8-8 and miss the playoffs but had a chance to win the division and blow it anyway.
They won one more game than I expected due to the emergence of Demarco Murray.- No one saw that coming.- Anyhoo, they still suck because of an owner-gm-president who makes horrific decisions. Until Jones is out of the picture, the Pokes will be pokey...
"Talent-wise, I think they have it," Smith said in an ESPN interview. "Leadership-wise, they have some good leaders on the ballclub. Do they have enough? Probably not. Can they go up to New York and be mentally tough in this situation? I think Jason (Garrett) has done a very good job of preparing the guys to be physically and hopefully mentally tough, but I think mental toughness is the thing needed in games like this. --Emmit Smith