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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Going Viral In Texas

It's been a weird week in my hometown of Big D. Perhaps this week its should be called Big E.
I like it, I was compelled to comment about it. Ebola. Its right up the Lane. In my family hospital. Across from my favorite diner. Down the street from my child's school. Where I work and live has become it's infected playground. Why here? What happened? When will we learn?

The Satellite trucks are lining Skillman Ave. Anderson Cooper is here in the village. People are freaked out by our very own NBC News 5... They don't just break the news...They MAKE the news...

While this is a tragedy that angers me and scares me (it doesn't scare me) It does afford me with the opportunity to see how our betters react in a crisis. Our "leadership."
So far other than Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlings, there hasn't been any Texas leader who's acted in a professionally human manner.
Rick Perry is MIA. I mean seriously. This guy is terrible.
The goobernatorial candidates are far, far, far away... Employing their supersecret "hide from the public til the election" campaign strategy. I completely expect it out of Mr Abbott. He doesn't give a damn about those people or anybody else who isn't feeding his war chest. Wendy Davis will come around when she's forced to, but she really doesn't have to. She will carry Dallas County handily and why risk getting infected? Stay in the valley and get those folks registered I say. That's where your votes are anyway...
But the other band of freaks we call the Texas GOP...With them... The silence is deafening.

Where are our leaders???

Jed Hensnarling. Ted Cruz. John Corndog. John Carter. Pete Sessions. On and On and On...
Hell, George W. Bush lives right across the road. Do you know where he is? Ice fishing with Rick Perry and Vladamir Putin. He don't care!

I Tell U What:
Not only will you hear from these petulant children, stringently screaming if there's a crisis that they can pin on Obama. (Might I remind you that the Texas GOP has waged a war against this President and obstructed Congress for 6 years now). They've demonized the minority of democrats here in Texas, slammed and attacked the president in such a disrespectful manner it makes me think my home state is now run by carpetbaggers. --Southern gentlemen are a dying breed.-- And these cretins today in Austin do it with the twinkle in their eye of small child who's just one-upped you. So innocent in their evil it hurts.

Hey TEXAS, here's an idea! Let's fight against decent healthcare and education for our citizens in the name of states rights and party lines, then, when healthcare fails, education fails, fertilizer explosions, and droughts happen we will blame the federal government for not taking care of us properly.
It's what I like to call a "Win Win."
It's the kind of professional hypocrisy Ive come to expect from this Rovian bunch of political hacks. These Teabagger Saints. These dastardly cowards of the gerrymandered districts they represent.
You see...I remember such things.
Personally, It stupefies me that so many have so short a memory... or rather... so selective of one...

Bottom line: If you don't approve of the CDC or the president... That's okay.
In the words of Rick Perry..."Secede."
Otherwise spare us the talk talk.
It's an election year and nobody cares. Nobody shows up at the polls in midterms. However, if you're registered and paying attention... Ebola has handed Texans the biggest reason to date as to why the state of Texas needs NEW leadership. Go Viral Texas! GO VOTE WENDY DAVIS and straight ticket democrat! Early voting begins in 5 days. Don't delay. Unless you're quarantined of course.