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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Early Voting For Big D

Alright folks, here we go with some Big D early voting totals in the Party Primary Election.
With two days left for early voting, the results are less than stellar; especially when you consider how much some of you bitch and moan about government.

Total number of registered voters in Dallas: 1,174,398 (that's pretty good)
Total number of early votes for R Primary: 31,817
Total number of early votes for D Primary: 22,699 (these numbers are down due to Voter ID laws)
Total Early Votes: 54,516 out of almost 2 MILLION voters.
We still need to get to election day, but these numbers stink.

Those of you who don't vote, I'd kindly like to invite y'all to STFU...

Remember, if you don't vote, The Big Bad Obama is coming for you.
So bend over and spread them wide, you apathetic chattel.