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Friday, April 12, 2013

Youth of America

Dear Youth of America,

Instead of attempting to assassinate US Congresswomen in front of grocery stores,

Instead of walking into a crowded movie theater and opening fire on the audience,

Instead of taking your mom's head off with the assault rifle she bought you, then skipping on down to the local elementary school and riddling the bodies of 1st graders with a hail of bullets,

Instead of doing all these dreadful things, you might find a role model...


Give up?

I've found one for you, he's a 14-year-old Chinese boy... and he's exudes class with a dose of good attitude... and we all know there's something to be said for that...

Guan Tianlang is a 14-year-old from China who will make history as the youngest player ever to qualify for the Masters Golf Tournament.

The eighth grader shot a 1 over 73 on day 1 of the Masters.
On day 2, after a tumultuous round, he was penalized a stroke for an honest error.
When asked if his Masters experience would be disappointing if he missed the cut by the one stroke he replied, "How could I ever be disappointed with this experience."

So to American kids I say, learn from this "class act".

This is how an adult behaves.

Not like some entitled bully with a sour taste in their mouths, but a champion.

A leader...

Not some coward hiding behind his mom's assault rifle, but a hero standing tall, and in the open, on one of the worlds biggest stages, with a set of Taylor Mades...

You American youth need a hobby other than killing innocents...

You might just play some golf instead.