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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Texas Rangers: America's Team

My grandfather was born in Arlington Texas in 1913. My father was born in San Angelo Texas in 1939. I was born in Ft. Worth Texas in 1971. George W. Bush was born in New Haven Connecticut in 1946. The Texas Rangers were born in Arlington Texas in 1972. My family and I were Rangers fans before George W. Bush was even a Texan. He was still a cheerleader at Yale when I attended my first Rangers game.  He's pals with Nolan Ryan and pretty much has nothing else to do these days except watch baseball.
The Rangers sucked under Bush and his policies (anyone remember Sammy Sosa?). As matter of fact, they went belly up and had to be bailed out by the MLB until Nolan Ryan and a group of out-of-state investors took over. They're still struggling to pay off their bad debts from past years of owner abuse and poor leadership.  One could argue that the Rangers are a microcosm of the Bush administration's effect on the country as a whole. Things didn't get better for the Rangers until Bush and his cronies were out of the picture but it took some time to heal. (still healing to a great extent)
Chew on this...Bush had his hands on the Rangers for only 5 years and almost certainly ruined them.
He had his hands on the US economy for 8 years...
I've never lost hope in the Rangers. -Well, maybe once or twice, but it was pretty darn hard not to get upset with them through the years.-Oh, I have my qualms about Nolan Ryan's decision making and his aggrandizing of Bush every chance he gets. His rewarding of bad behavior by fans at the ballpark with season tickets and autographed jerseys. His raising of prices on everything in sight. His monument to stupidity that is to be erected outside the ballpark rewarding fatal judgement.(All shamelessly to avoid litigation)
But, I watched him kick Robin Ventura's ass and throw his last pitch in the old stadium so I kinda love the old screwhead. (Plus we have Old-School Brother, Ron Washington and a killer line-up.)
So here's to you Texas!
The National media will never take you seriously,
but I and the rest of the riff-raff will.
Let's go get a World Series!
I kinda love the old screwhead.

Rangers batting jersey= $39.99
Top-shelf Margarita ingredients= $61.00
Homemade supreme nachos= $22.00
Watching my Texas Rangers beat down these misguided shitbirds(The Cardinals)= priceless
 Update: Game 7 is played tonight after a dramatic ending and Rangers loss in game 6. 
I believe the Rangers can win!
Win or lose, you gotta admire the Rangers for turning their team into a steady contender.  They've struggled for years to shake off the bad blood left over by Bush and now we see the United States attempting to do the same thing. It took time with the Rangers to have a shot at the title. It'll take even longer for the country to have a shot at economic recovery. The Rangers gave their black manager a chance and he's been a tremendous success. Will the country now give their black manager a chance?