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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Joe Scarborough Blasts NRA's 'Disgusting' New Ad: 'What's Wrong with The...


This is how the NRA commemorated the anniversary of the Newtown tragedy.

The NRA- an organization lead by cowards, to teach cowards, to do cowardly acts.

Mika on Morning Joe summed it up best:

"They are out of step. They are out of the mainstream. They are totally out of synch with what's going on in our society, and quite frankly, after seeing that, I think the people who are running that thing are SICK! I think they are sick in the head and I am embarrassed for our country."
You could take out the word 'country' and replace it with 'Texas'.
"That we have a section of society, The NRA -which should have a voice- there is a debate there- but they just took it to the lowest base level." --Mika from Morning Joe"

I Tell U What:

Texas and it's leadership sure looks a lot like the leadership of the NRA.
For a minute there, I thought Minka was talking about Texas specifically. 

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