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Saturday, November 17, 2012

LINCOLN: A Must See For Americans!


A wheel barrow full of arms and legs is shuffled up a wooden deck and dumped into a pit.

A President wallows throughout the wards of the amputees. Visiting...

A father, a husband and a president must face the toughest of challenges in this insightful tale of the inner workings of 1865 politics.

Political junkies will wonder and viewers will leave the theatre thinking. This is good.

Steven Spielberg exposes and examines the politics that run this country.

Yesterday, and today.

I loved it and I love Lincoln.


I predict no less than 10 Oscars for this film.

While Lincoln may leave you asking many questions, the greatest of which is 'would he have succeeded as a leader in the reconstruction of the south?'

The answer: Of course he would have.

What looms is the reality that the south lost the war, but WON the reconstruction after his death.

The plight of  the 'freedmen' was left up to them alone after Lincoln was killed that fateful night.

From what I can tell, we pretty much would still have slaves if it weren't for Lincoln.

So there's that...

Think I'm kidding???

Go see it and make sure everyone you know sees it and understands it.

It 's not a war movie, or a History Channel original.


It's about lawyers manipulating the law to their clients advantage.

About a President manipulating democracy to his clients advantage. 

 A fascinating tale of Political Science.

It's about winning.

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