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Monday, January 23, 2012

The New Not So Improved Terillis

This past weekend, the wife and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary with a night out at an old staple of romantic dining in Dallas.
The newly rebuilt Terilli's on lower Greenville was the setting; complete with live piano and a vocalist singing all your favorites.
Terilli's has been through a transformation in recent years as the old one burned out and it had to be rebuilt.
They've done a nice job with the new layout. It's much more open, the bar is spacious, there are three levels with a rooftop lounge overlooking Dallas with a outdoor fire pit.
I called for reservations at least a week in advance and asked for a special table for the occasion.
I called again the "day of" to confirm the reservation and was told by the day manager not to worry, our table was secured. We were set for 8:30.
Our cab dropped us off at about 8 and we ascended to the rooftop lounge for some cocktails and to take in the view while our table was being made ready.
 At about 9 our pager went off and we went down to find our table was not what we had hoped for.
The hostess and waitress explained that a group of ladies had set up camp in our spot--a romantic booth in the corner-- and were showing no signs of leaving anytime soon. So we had to settle for the smallest two top they had. It was located in a busy walkway.
This is what I hate about living in Dallas.
You go out to these places to see and be seen. You certainly don't go to Terilli's for the food; as it is average at best, and with a hefty price tag.(Like so many Dallas restaurants.) You go for atmosphere and people.
The problem with Dallas is that it's full a very rude people. People who've never worked a day in the food service industry. People who condescend to servers, bartenders, managers, and other patrons.
All I'm saying is that if they had done the right thing and got us our reserved table, then I could have put up with the bland food, slow service, high prices and poor host stand. So to the ladies who ruined our special night, I say get a clue. On a busy Saturday night we should all be conscious of others and free up space as soon as we are finished eating. They have plenty of room at the bar or perhaps another place down the street if you feel the need to keep the conversation going. Is it really too much to ask for a manager to walk over and explain this? Apparently it is...

On the Dr. J rating scale from 1-5 I give the new Terilli's a 2.

I might go back for drinks on the roof, or a happy hour at the bar, but that's about it.
I WOULD NEVER GO BACK FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION! I urge you to consider this before you do too. Don't fall into the Terilli's trap.
They're just not equipped to handle that.

UPDATE: At no time during our meal did a manager come over to check on us or even comp us a dessert. Nothing. We paid full price. I've emailed the owner and have not got a response.

UPDATE: We should have gone to Kirby's.

UPDATE: I received an apology via email from Joey Terilli and he mailed me a gift certificate. I told him I was willing to give them another shot, lets hope we get the right table next time... Just goes to show that you never know who you're dealing with when you're bumping people from their reserved seats... Hostesses, servers, and especially managers, beware.

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